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Impact of Separation on the Town Memo from Staff March 26, 2021

Memorandum   To: Town Selectboard; Evan Teich, Unified Manager   From: Sarah Macy, Finance Director   Re: Impact of Separation on the Town   Date: March 26, 2021   Impact of Separation on Tax Revenue in the Town   If the Town and Village were to separate, the Town would lose 42% of its grand list. If the Town  wished toContinue reading “Impact of Separation on the Town Memo from Staff March 26, 2021”

Merger booklet comments

A 48-page “Greater Essex” merger booklet was sent to all Essex addresses. It was thrown together in a hurry and I believe some of its contents need additional comment and/or clarification. On page 5, there is a comment that the Village will have lower taxes, temporarily. I asked for clarification of this and did notContinue reading “Merger booklet comments”

Any savings from merger?

Regarding any savings associated with merger, that has not been a primary focus. The focus has been to maintain high quality of service to all residents which many involved in developing the merger plan have interpreted to mean maintaining the same high level of service. There are no plans to eliminate any personnel upon merger.Continue reading “Any savings from merger?”


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