Regional Entities

There are a number of regional organizations that are arms of the Vermont State government that pass their costs along to the Towns they serve. Locally these are the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission, Chittenden Solid Waste District, Green Mountain Transit, Champlain Water District and Chittenden County itself and likely others. While not all ofContinue reading “Regional Entities”

Education Funding

The education funding formula is very complicated and should be simplified. The Legislature also has a tendency to move money around too freely. Why does the gasoline tax support education? Why do 70% of Vermonters get their education property taxes subsidized? The gas tax should be used for transportation needs and income tax should beContinue reading “Education Funding”

Climate Change Action

The Climate Change bill that was passed this year puts the State in a position where rapid progress is needed to avoid legal action against the State. The fact that the responsibility for progress has been given to another entity does not excuse the Legislature from taking action.  With transportation being one of the majorContinue reading “Climate Change Action”