My concerns about the capital district

I’ve already mentioned the Sidewalk District but I also have concerns with the Capital District. The Village has a 5-year capital plan but the district is slated to last 12-years. I have asked several times that a list of projects be shared so that the scope of the district could be understood. I have yet to see the list but I was told that paving the Brownell Library parking lot was one of the items on the list.

Now, we were told many times by our legal counsel who was hired to help with putting together our merger plan that, if a district is established with the intend to charge an additional tax, you have to be able to show that only those paying the tax benefit from it. If the Brownell Library parking lot is paved, how will we be able to convince a judge that it only benefits Village residents? I believe this district is setting the Town up for a law suit claiming that the district is unconstitutional.

Another concern I have is if all those taxes are collected for 12 years and some are left over or if projects on the list, that I haven’t seen yet, don’t get completed, or if the projects are completed before 12 years. I think it is too undefined and that it is likely unconstitutional. This district, again, saves the average TOV house a couple of dollars a year. I think that both the sidewalk and capital districts are not worth the complexity of administering them and the risks and shortfalls associated with them are not worth the $3-5 per year savings.

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