Specific Actions

For Essex residents, I will push for approval of the citizen led charter change for equal representation and I will push to have charter changes become law upon approval by the voters.

I will push for increased local control and self-rule. The House Government Operations Committee failed to act on a Senate approved bill which would allow for a municipal self-rule pilot program. As one of the most strict Dillon’s Rule states, in the company of Alabama, municipalities in Vermont are not allowed to do anything unless explicitly allowed by the State as opposed to self-rule states where municipalities can do anything that is not explicitly prohibited by the State.

Act 250 will be back on the table in the coming biennium. I will focus on removing obstacles to affordable housing.

I will focus on adding municipal representation to the newly formed Cannabis Control Board and will push consideration of the needs of individual municipalities in setting the Cannabis License fee structure. A single fee structure cannot satisfy the needs of all municipalities simultaneously.

In the coming biennium, Chittenden County will be divided into 2 or 3 State Senate districts and it is very likely that Essex and Westford House districts will be redrawn due to Essex’s population growth relative to the State as a whole. Would you rather have an Independent vote representing your needs on this question or offer the opportunity for gerrymandering?

Currently, if an Essex Westford School District board member resigns, the remaining school board members appoint a replacement. This means that board members who do not live in your part of the district get to choose who will represent you. I will push to have that responsibility rest on the relevant Selectboard rather than the remaining school board members.

3 thoughts on “Specific Actions

  1. Andy,

    The EWSD definitely needs a shakeup as there is too much croneism. With the current structure, allowing sitting members to appoint a replacement, it quickly becomes a body that does not represent residents interests but those who have an agenda. This from one of our residents ” I find this disturbing as parents and the PTO are treated with contempt by the school board, who refuses to listen to input from parents”.


    1. The Essex Westford School District has three voting districts. Four members are voted from each of the former Essex Junction and Essex Town School Districts and two members are voted from the former Westford School District. The concern about having the remaining School Board Members appoint a member to a vacant seat is that, if the vacant seat is in the former Westford School District, those appointing the representative will be mostly from outside of that voting district. I will push to instead have the Selectboard of the sending former district appoint to the school board. That way elected officials from the district that will be represented do the appointment rather than elected officials from outside the sending district.


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