As an Independent, I will represent my constituents and not the interests of the major parties. I have seen a number of State Reps post weekly on Front Porch Forum, but they all focus on what has happened in the past week and none of them talk about what is ahead. It is my intent to look forward and seek out and welcome input from my constituents rather than simply telling them what I have done. Reporting on what has already happened allows an opportunity to complain or congratulate. It does not give the opportunity to affect an outcome.

Individual members of the 150 member Legislature are all ineffective on their own. Any impact that any individual can have is determined by the relationships that are established and the ideas that are brought to the table. In addition to my PhD in Materials Science, I have a Certificate of Graduate Studies in Ecological Economics which pulls together social, environmental and economic concepts in a systems approach. This, in addition to my many years of project management experience combined with my years of elected service at the municipal level give me a strong background for looking at the larger picture. My many years of employment and volunteer experience have exposed me to a large cross section of people where relationships are key to success. I believe these combined factors will make me an excellent State Representative.

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