What do you want to hear about?

Here is a list of issues that I am interested in. Some of them are about how local and regional governments run and others will affect your tax bill and yet others are about equity and fairness. Please send me comments and/or questions on any of them or suggest other issues that you would like to know about. I’ll spend some time commenting on some of these in the coming weeks. Let me know which you would like to hear more about.

  • Who will get COVID vaccine first?
  • Public safety without bias
  • Municipal charter changes should become law upon adoption by voters
  • Locally initiated regionalization of services instead of by State mandate
  • Municipal review/approval of regional/county budgets
  • Require review of regional service efficiencies
  • Use highway funds for transportation needs
  • Incent local control of of State highways that are Town Main Streets
  • Require fiscal impact assessment for any potential cost shifts to Towns
  • Selectboard appointment of vacant school board seats
  • Apply Open Meeting Law to Legislature
  • Local control over renewable energy projects

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