Decisions, decisions

A legislator needs to make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions each session. Unlike workplace decisions, where there is likely a chain of command, each Legislator is on their own. For party members though, there is a loose chain of command and pressure is applied to follow the party line. As an Independent, I will have the freedom to choose my own path based on evidence presented and input from my constituents. As a Selectboard member, I have been told that my comments prompt other board members and members of the public to rethink their positions. They don’t always change their minds but, due to my pressing for consideration of an alternate point of view, a better final solution results.

Vermont has a tradition of supporting independent thought. If you would like your representative to be free to choose the path that is right for you and not one linked to any of the major party positions, please vote for Andy Watts to represent you on November 3.

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